Planning an Engagement Party

Planning an Engagement Party

Let’s start right at the beginning…

The Engagement Party…..

Engagement parties these days can be anything from a small intimate gathering of close family and friend, to a larger more extravagant affairs.

With the higher costs involved in a wedding reception, the engagement celebrations are usually more informal. This is a chance to mingle and relax with close friends and family.

There is no right or wrong for the engagement. Please ignore all those articles that say it’s a rehearsal for the wedding and you can develop skills to help with the wedding. Rubbish just enjoy!

THE DATE : Totally up to you, but if its outside, then July or August may not be the best call! Originally the engagement party was held on the same day as the official announcement. These days the engagement party is usually, and 6 – 8 weeks after the actual proposal, probably good not to leave it too long…

THE GUEST LIST: Usually who comes to the engagement comes to the wedding, but some of these people may not, cannot or won’t be coming to the wedding, you will need to give consideration as to which guests to invite to which event, even at the engagement stage.

THE BUDGET: Yes!! you will need one even for the engagement. Your whole wedding will be on a very strict budget, the same disciple will apply to your engagement. Don’t get too carried away, as the wedding may cost more than you think! Once you have an understanding of what the wedding will cost, you can easily decide on a realistic budget for the engagement.

THE VENUE: Your budget and the size of your guest list will determine where you hold your engagement party. You may decide to hold it an event venue, a small bar, nightclub party venue, the local Pub, or have a more informal home party. Choose the style of your party, BBQ, Canape cocktail, or formal sit down. Then pick the venue that goes with that style, and is in the budget… Yes it’s all about the budget😊

There are pros and cons to a formal or informal, event 1. Consider things like 2. The work involved setting up and cleaning up 3. Decorations 4. Neighbour’s 5. Time Limits 6. Facilities for food preparation and service

Planning can be a bit tedious, but you can not just throw something together, remember even the engagement party is a Celebration..