Planning a Wedding Reception

Planning a Wedding Reception

Many venues will have lists of suppliers, caterers Photographers etc.that can look after your Wedding, but you need to make sure that the suppliers you choose, are going to get it right...

So ask lots of questions?

Caterers.. How long have they worked with the venue, do they know the venue well and what packages do they offer. Can they adapt menus to your specific requirements, can they cater for any special dietaries, your guests may have. Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten free, Dairy Free!!!

Do they have a children's menu is also a big one, especially if kids are involved in the wedding. Its special for them too!

What do they supply... Crockery, Cutlery even Linen. Most important, can you try the food! Many caterers will include a food tasting for the bride and groom, in which they will showcase several dishes. This is to show the couple the standard of the food served and the portion sizes - all very important questions. Parents often like to be included in the tasting -

With the Demographic of a wedding being from 8 yrs to eighty the choice of menu has to appeal to the majority attending.

Food is a very important factor at wedding receptions, everybody comments on the food..

Sound & Vision... Your Venue may also have Bands/ DJ's, even photographers that they recommend, most venues will not recommend just anyone, but specific suppliers they have worked with previously, ones that know the venue.

Your venue's choice of recommended suppliers reflects on their standards, and of the care they have for their clients...

 Reception Venues with or without caterers tend to offer packages. Having everything included in your reception package make life a little easier for you, and having the majority of your reception streamlined and organised will ease some of the worries on the big day.

However, there is still much to do, but with the assistance of a professional Coordinator the planning of your reception will be smooth and stress free. Most Australian Venues have coordinators on site. They can help guide you through the planning process.

Basic requirements:

  • Most wedding last from 5 - 6 hours check your starting times and event conclusion times and what time your guests have to vacate the venue - extra time will cost!!
  • Beverage package - Beverages should be about 5 hours covering pre-dinner Drinks and the rest of the reception.
  • Basic menu is usually canapes for Pre-dinner + 3 courses seated. This may change if you opt for a canape wedding or buffet dinner or perhaps a 2 course, (check if they include coffee!!)

Your Wedding cake professionally cut and served - no charge!! Watch out though some venues are sneaking in a "cakeage" charge to cut & serve your cake!!

  • Private bridal suite - its nice if you have somewhere to go - just to breathe.
  • Dance floor - this one should be included after all its there, but if its a portable floor they can charge!
  • Security Personnel - not always included, great if they are but this is a charge you may have to wear.
  • Large easel for your guest list - usually included - though you supply the list.
  • Centerpieces , some venue have them and offer them as part of the package - this is great and if you like them, but they may not be to your taste so that's yours to do.
  • This is a sweet one - glass vases on the bridal table for your flowers, its a little unusual but its nice to know they care about your flowers - shows they care about the little things.

This should get you started - more to come in the next feature - Remember to breathe its not easy but, we haven't lost a bride YET!!