How to choose the Ceremony & Reception Venue

How to choose the Ceremony & Reception Venue

So you've done the budget, you know roughly how many guests your having, you've looked at the wedding party and all the right players are where they should be. Now to choose the venue for the Ceremony & Reception... and I bet you thought this would be easy. Its not!.

The Wedding industry has grown enormous in the past few years and the number of venues that cater for Ceremonies and receptions is endless.

Your choice of venues will be based on Budget, Budget, Budget! When selecting a venue to view, discard those that will be either to big or small to cater for your wedding, there is no point tempting yourself by even looking at those, (all the pictures are very pretty). If your looking at Churches or Chapels, obviously pick the right denomination and then the size and location.

Remember: A huge cathedral is not appropriate for a wedding for only 60 guests...

Some Reception venues have it all, a place for the ceremony, the reception and even accommodation. This is where personal taste comes in and of course that all consuming budget. Be very strict with yourself, stay on target, yes you do have to absolutely love the place, but this is not the time to select something on emotion alone.

After you have seen several places, selected some and rejected others for what ever reason, go and have another look at the ones you particularly liked. Have a list of questions to ask. If you love it great, but is it practical, will it fit all your guests, are you getting a good deal, what's included in the package, is it available on the day you want and of course does it fit the budget.

Remember: Take someone with you on the second visit (parents are great). They will help you have some perspective, when you have fallen in love with a particular venue. This is where the heart and head battle for dominance.

Now you've made you choice, negotiation time. First, are the dates you want available, Remember be flexible! Saturdays in March and November always book out first, then anything from October through to May. Sundays are sometimes available as are Fridays. Keep an eye out for public holidays a Friday or Sunday on a long weekend may be the solution to getting the Venue you want, when you want it.

Melbourne Cup weekend is a perfect example - try the Sunday or even the Monday!

Happy Hunting.