Designing your wedding

Designing your wedding

Here's where you make the wedding your own ... The design is yours alone and inspiration can come for anywhere so watch out for it.

Create a design & inspiration board...

Make a style board, lay out everything so you have a clear picture of what you are designing. Start simply, checkout magazines, yes even those scary bridal ones, you are just looking for inspiration here not the end result. Select anything that takes you fancy or catches your eye, magazines, books, photos, not just the style mags but anything, even gardening magazines (may help with the flower selection), how about paint colour charts, material swatches, nothing is wrong at this stage. You will include some and reject a great many others, before you have something that is appropriate and pleasing to you.

Choose your favourite dressy styles and accessories - Antiques materials, lace, peals, slick modern designs, bold colours, Fairy tale inspirations even crystals everything is right, there are no boundaries when looking for for that perfect blend.

Ask yourself a few questions, and put samples on your design board. * What colour makes me happy, what is my favourite colour!

Create a colour scheme based on complementary colours.
(Complimentary colours are any two colours that are directly opposite each other on a colour wheel) * A Color Wheel can help you pick your perfect palette!

Use your favourite colours for style and accessories.... * Remember colour harmony - Harmony is something pleasing to the eye. It engages those that see it and creates an inner sense of order.

Once you have a general colour and design palette that is pleasing to you,. The you can apply it to all the different aspects of your wedding. Stationary, gowns, flowers, cake. It will all come together in a combination of colour and design that is uniquely yours and will be a consistent theme through out your wedding.

Though the combinations of style and colour are endless, if you start with something you like and feel comfortable with, the rest of the design aspects of your wedding should fall into place.